Instructions for day of race

Greeting to desert marathon participants in all heats!

Distribution of participant kits

Thursday - in the expo area in Eilat, Herods promenade from 16:00 - 20:00 Friday - 05:30 - 06:30 AM

Luggage storage

Half marathon heat: In the expo area, is a personal belongings storage area at the disposal of runners of all heats; bags are collected at the same place. It is forbidden to transfer registration to anyone who is not registered or transfer participant number and electronic chip to any runner not registered or anyone else. How to attach the timing chip.

The desert marathon will have two different timing systems:

1. The full and half marathons have a white chip that must be tied to your shoelace, and only there!!!

2. The 5 and 10 km heats have a chip glued to the number; make sure to attach your chest number in the front!!!

Approach roads, road closures and parking:

The entire starting point area is surrounded by parking lots (parking at blue and white is charged a fee).

Race participants are advised to park in the gravel parking lot north of Herods hotel. There will be signs from the square towards Herods hotel.

Walking distance is 200 to 300 meters.

Access from the Herods hotel road will be barred. All other roads will be open.

Starting time

06:00 – marathon starting time – Sun Bay 06:10 – half marathon starting time – Sun Bay 06:45 – starting time for 10 km memorial run – Sun Bay 07:00 – starting time 5 km heat – Sun Bay

Weather on day of event

According to the forecast for Friday morning, temperatures comfortable for running are expected: 17 degrees in the morning hours to 25 degrees in the afternoon.

Physical preparation

Liquids – it is recommended to arrive at the race quenched; in other words, to drink adequate amounts throughout the day during the days preceding the event. Runners should drink on the day of the event too; however, take care not to exaggerate (you will then need the bathroom in the middle of the route); it is forbidden to run when sick. Listen to your body; is you get up in the morning not feeling well, give your attendance on the route proper consideration. Rise early enough before the starting gun, let your body wake up slowly (at least two hours before).

Instructions for the race

Along the route are a large number of drinking stations. There is a drinking station every 3-4 km.
Some of the stations will provide isotonic beverages and energy gel (further details on the website).
Take note of the timing mats; runners must go on the mats at all points. Failure to read points will lead to disqualification.

Finish area

At the finish area you will receive a medal and light refreshments.

Final celebration

The final celebration is a wonderful happening, for the runners, those accompanying them, and children – starting at the finish area and continuing into the night. All activities of the final celebration can be seen in the following link: Final celebration

Final ceremony and prize giving

08:30 - Medal awared ceremony for the memorial race (for winners of the 5 and 10 km runs) at the Herods amphitheater 12:30 - medal award ceremony for winners of the marathon and half marathon at the Herods amphitheater

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