Medical Guidelines

No need for medical certificate. We Just need your reply to the five questions on the registration form and the signing of the participant declaration during the registration.

Health and Safety

Everyone is aware that participation in a marathon or a shorter race obligates a normal health condition and physical fitness.

It is well known that, despite all the preparations, some of the athletes face distress during the race. Consequently, we request your attention and commitment to the instructions determined for your protection.

The instructions introduced here to not contain anything to replace the control training program and the  observation and leadership of a qualified trainer and professional personalities in sports and health.

  1. We recommend an examination at the family physician prior to commencing training. The examination must also include a periodic physical fitness test (ergo metric examination).
  2. In the event of injury or disease, every day “that has been lost” requires at least two trading days of rehabilitation and a return to the level and rate of training to which you had reached. If, during the days prior to the race, you suffered from a febrile disease or upset stomach or diarrhea – you cannot participate in the race! Consults with the physician and trainer on the timing of the return to the training program.
  3. Read and study the subject of preventing sunstroke and get used to drinking a lot of water.
  4. Dedicate thought to nutrition, sleep and preparation for the race. During the race itself, drinking and nourishment refreshment stations are dispersed – use them, saturate thirst, equip yourself with energy additives and continue on wards. Do not miss out on any of the stations.
  5. Prepare the running equipment and ensure that it is comfortable for you and suitable for a long-distance race.
  6. Make sure to wear a hat and it is recommended to wear sunglasses.
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