Eilat Desert Marathon – unique treasure for the adventurous runner

By Michael Shoolman

There is a growing breed of runner. This runner seeks a unique experience. This runner wants their breath taken away by much more than the pace of the race. This runner can find all they’re looking for and more in Eilat.

In late November 1,300 of this breed from 24 countries gathered on Israel’s south coast to partake in the Eilat Desert Marathon. The runners began their challenge as the morning sunrise cracked over the picturesque mountains of neighbouring Jordan to flood the city and Negev Desert with colour and warmth.

The location serves as the perfect stage for an unforgettable event which is tailored specifically to allow runners to take in the region’s natural wonders. Situated on the northern tip of the Red Sea, Eilat nestles between imposing mountains, still desert, and calm seas, which combine to provide extraordinary views.

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