The Eilat Desert Marathon has opened its gates to the 2015 registration!

Join our special experience where the desert meets the sea and the sun shines all year round.

We have the full (42.2 Km) the half (21.1 Km) 10K and 5K distances to meet every runners challenge

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The route:

lake – Highway 5 – Oranit Interchange – Barkan Interchange – Ariel Junction – Rachelim Junction – Highway 60 – Eli Junction – Shiloh Junction – Ancient Shiloh.

 Finishing point and main event:



  • 42.2 km full marathon
  • 21.1 km half marathon
  • 10 km 
  • 5 km 


According to the following text and the link that follows:

Dear participants,

Owing to new legal precedents, we are obliged to receive a valid medical certificate for the competition. The process is a simple one, and consists of the following steps:

  1. Download and print the form (link below).
  2. Have your physician sign his approval, and then sign it yourself.
  3. Send it via the email address or fax number provided on it.

Wishing you safe and enjoyable participation,

The Organizing Committee.



Requests for changes or cancelling of registration, subject to regulations, shall be submitted on the above form no later than one week prior to the race

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